Mummy's Mask DFW

Mummy's Mask 2-14-16


Delivering a letter for Bal Tehn to the Pharasmin temple

Saved a woman from a mob. They were trying to kill her zombie husband. We escorted her to the graveyard and and buried her husband. Sehosep Naan is her name, and she says to visit her in two days at the Hall of Blessed Rebirth.

We told Septi the Crocodile that we fought the phycopomp said and she was very distressed. She called Nokt Septis into her office. They are at an impass on what to do with the current zombie invasion. We suggested taking out the source of the problem and go into the necropolis. The only way Nokt would agree if we fought his team of psychopomps. We won!

Armorer we saved at the Canny Jackal found us and said that we always have 25% discount at his shop always.




Here is a link to the inventory tracking sheet.

REMINDER: The gold totals listed on the splash page is the price of all items found in that session if they were all sold to a vendor divided by number of players (4). You are responsible for buying items from party loot at 50%. For example, if you take an alchemist fire from party loot, you spend 10 gp to take that item out of party loot.



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