Campaign Rules

15 point buy
one drawback allowed
hero points optional rule
starting gold of 150

When rolling a saving throw, on a natural 1 your gear may take damage. Determine which four items are most likely to be damaged by referring to chart 9-2 (Core Rulebook pg. 216), then roll 1d4 to determine which item is affected. If magical the item gets a saving throw (magic item saving throws are 2+1/2 CL rounded down). The item takes damage appropriate to the spell and saving throw.

When using item crafting feats you may not create items totaling more than 25% of your current wealth by level per magic item feat your character has, to a maximum of 50%.

Hero points will be awarded at every character level (once a character has been posted to Obsidian Portal) and once at the end of each book. Bonus points will be awarded at GM discretion.
No more than one hero point may be spent per round (with one exception).
Characters may never have more than three hero points in reserve.
You can spend hero points to act immediately (standard action, change initiative order), gain a bonus to a roll (+8 if used before the roll, +4 if used after or half for a target other than self), extra action (gain an additional standard action), GM information (if no information to be gained point is returned), regain a spell or ability (must be an ability regained on a daily basis), reroll one d20, or cheat death (costs two points, character is left alive and stable)

Campaign Rules

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