Mummy's Mask DFW

Mummy's Mask 9-20-15

No Coffee, No Problem

Fellow T.O.M.B. Raiders,

Here is our second session in review.

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After we reported back to Sebti the Crocodile about or success at Akentepi’s tomb, we were assigned to explore the House of Pentheru.

We took a quick break to celebrate our victory and mingled with other adventuring parties at the Tooth and Hookah.

Inside the House of Pentheru, we encountered haunts, undead, and the vile beasts of the sands. we cleared out the ground level of the compound and we now have the basement and the second floor to explore.

We are currently heading back to town to rest.

Misc. Information:


Salim al’Zahir owes the party 1,000gp so he could purchase the Scarab Shield from session 1.
Indieanne owes Akhgahiji 400gp to purchase a +1 Falchion from a halfling we met during our festivities at the Tooth and Hookah.

Indieanne wants to keep an adamantine heavy flail that we found for when we need it, but it has not been determined if the party will lend her the money. Indieanne would have to give all her gp earned for session 2 and owe the party 669 (223 per person) to own the flail.

Here is a link to the inventory tracking sheet.

REMINDER: The gold totals listed on the splash page is the price of all items found in that session if they were all sold to a vendor divided by number of players (4). You are responsible for buying items from party loot at 50%. For example, if you take an alchemist fire from party loot, you spend 10 gp to take that item out of party loot.



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