Mummy's Mask DFW

Mummy's Mask 9-13-15

Getting This Party Started

Hello Crew!


In the lottery we were assigned the tomb of Akhentepi. The High Priestess showed us on the map where the tomb was ( eastern section).

In the tomb, we found records about the location of Akhentepi’s mistresses’ tomb. The records state the tomb is unfinished. We searched Akhentepi’s tomb in its entirety and are returning to Wati to inform Sebti the Crocodile.

Misc. Information:

  • We rested one night at the inn. It cost each person 1 gp.
  • Salim spent 5 gp to identify the Scarab Shield

Here is the link to the google doc where we will keep all information pertaining to each scenario. As of right now the gold total is inaccurate. That will be fixed soon.

REMINDER: The gold totals listed on the splash page is the price of all items found in that session if they were all sold to a vendor divided by number of players (4). You are responsible for buying items from party loot at 50%. For example, if you take an alchemist fire from party loot, you spend 10 gp to take that item out of party loot.


If anyone is interested, markers have been added to the Wati map to show areas visited during the first session.

Mummy's Mask 9-13-15

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