Mummy's Mask DFW

Mummy's Mask 1-24-16

Chasing the bird that gave us the bird


From the Canny Jackal, we traced the zombies steps back to a vandalized cart. We found a corpse with a sliver chain on its wrist in the carts wreckage. As we packed the cart wit the body to take to the Pharasmin temple. a raven wearing a funerary mask approached us. He was difficult to understand, but we gleaned that it was telling us Tennanib was in the docks and was assailed by some magic.

After asking around, we found that the Silver Hand’s base is in the abandoned brickworks and there is a good chance Tennanib is there. One of the defeated guards told us Tennanib was located in the “pit room”. Inside the compound, we found Tennanib’s garb hanging undisturbed on a peg…


Here are some items we have in party loot that you may want to buy out. Let me know if you want them.

Potion of CLW x4
Clikmbers Kit x4
Holy Water
Anti Toxin
Alchemist’s Fire x4

Here is a link to the inventory tracking sheet.

REMINDER: The gold totals listed on the splash page is the price of all items found in that session if they were all sold to a vendor divided by number of players (4). You are responsible for buying items from party loot at 50%. For example, if you take an alchemist fire from party loot, you spend 10 gp to take that item out of party loot.



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