Mummy's Mask DFW

Mummy's Mask 1-18-16

Defeated the gibbering mouther for deaf people.


Attended the auction at the Canny Jackal. We sold all our items from session 5 (and other items from previous sessions) 45% retail. After the auction, zombies burst down the doors to the auction house and attacked. After they were defeated, we were attacked by a mummy that was entered in to the auction and then the hands that were displayed in the market square to ward of thieves animated and attacked. Ohr contracted mummy rot, so we went to the temple of Pharasma and they were so inundated with patients, they could not assist. They head priest told us to find one of their most powerful clerics that is MIA, named Tennanib. He would be able to assist Ohr and help any others at the temple. We were deputized by the priest and investigated Tennanib’s room. We found in his diary that he is trying to track down a gang of thieves called the Silver Chain.

We remember seeing him at the auction so we returned tothe canny Jackal to search for Tennanib.

Tennanib left the auction early for some unknown reason.

Here is a link to the inventory tracking sheet.

REMINDER: The gold totals listed on the splash page is the price of all items found in that session if they were all sold to a vendor divided by number of players (4). You are responsible for buying items from party loot at 50%. For example, if you take an alchemist fire from party loot, you spend 10 gp to take that item out of party loot.



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